Blood (Jean Abreu Dance)


We create participatory digital environments that provide immersive experiences for the arts, being it performance, improvisational manifestations, art fruition or education. Our interactive installations and exhibits bring novel experiences to public and private spaces. Our aim is to keep pushing the boundaries of interactivity in multi-user digital experiences.

We develop gestural interfaces for virtual and augmented reality, providing direct and seamless interaction paradigms for mixed reality environments.

Our work bridges the gap between visualisation and interaction, providing an inspiring active approach to learning, space exploration, data visualisation and artistic expression. As humans we evolved and progressed in a living and interactive world, which constantly amazed us as we moved along. We adapted to it and adapted it to our own nature and needs. Soon, by mean of innovative sensing and responsive technologies, our world will once again be surprising us through new levels of interaction. Static exposure to Art, Architecture and entertainment will be turned into a wrapping living world as our creations become alive and respond to our gestures, movements, speech and, without doubt, thoughts in the near future.