In a captivating multi-sensory experience that goes beyond dance, Jean Abreu Dance’s work is a celebration of the strange beauty of life, and one man’s scientific exploration of his flesh and blood that leads him in search of the composition of his soul.

Microscopic images of bodily fluids from Gilbert & George’s The Fundamental Pictures, New Testamental Pictures and The Rudimentary Pictures come alive and dance with the performer in an exquisite and subtle duet, in what is the first time iconic artists Gilbert & George have allowed their work to be used in dance.

‘Spectacular visuals…’
Sunday Times

A solo piece in name only Blood has been created with an exceptional team of multi-disciplinary collaborating artists.
Using Gilbert & George’s images ours motion-capture technology and animation incorporates their colourful and intricate images to create a suite of settings that respond to Abreu’s movements and speech.

Gestures are magnified in a chain reaction that make the whole stage both an extension of Abreu and a ‘body within a body’. Dressed by fashion designer Richard Nicoll, his white suit has been specially created to transform Jean’s body into a man-sized projection screen.

The thoughts and stories of Blood are woven amidst the lush and quietly powerful score by Paul Wolinski (from math rock band 65daysofstatic), whose compositions at times respond to Jean’s movement allowing him to re-assemble the score live, heightening the audience’s experience of the body in motion.

‘The digitally manipulated visual effects are mesmerising…Abreu’s charisma is impressive.’

‘Giant cellular patterns of crimson red and sallow yellow eddy and wash around Abreu as he dances. They look wonderful.’
The Guardian