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Solo For Two

Solo For Two  – Jean Abreu Dance Two dancers, a man and a woman, two sides of the same coin, are caught in a struggle to find their place in the world. In an interactive environment, a little robot called ‘Macheba’ both interacts and observes the dancers, mirroring and absorbing our human identities. Solo for Two This thought-provoking work examines human-computer interactions. This new, work features interactivity with “Macheba”, a two-headed female robot which performs with human dancers.  

Talking Tulips

A Heart of London commission, created for Fantasy High Street in collaboration with Cara Jean Flynn. Using an innovative combination of visual arts and trigger sensor technology, we created a series of funny, family-friendly character tulips who talk to passers-by about the history of Leicester Square and greet people in numerous languages. We even have a tulip choir that are just thrilled to sing for you if approach them. Photo Credit © Mark Leeming Photography.