Solo For Two

Solo For Two  – Jean Abreu Dance Two dancers, a man and a woman, two sides of the same coin, are caught in a struggle to find their place in the world. In an interactive environment, a little robot called ‘Macheba’ both interacts and observes the dancers, mirroring and absorbing our human identities. Solo for Two This thought-provoking work examines human-computer interactions. This new, work features interactivity with “Macheba”, a two-headed female robot which performs with human dancers.  


I’m Sticking With You Is a 15-minute, table-top performance which puts you at the centre.  With just a box of characters and some simple instructions, the play delivers an experience of some of the feelings that have been running high in the UK since Brexit.  Whose voice do we listen to?  How do we know what’s right for us?   Sound work political about Brexit. Written by Tim Crouch Sound design by Lewis Gibson Design and Make by Ben Pacey Creative Technology F E N Y C E. The table was made by Robin Crowley and the figures by Fintan McGibbon.

Billennium Square

A guided tour, on which you take a walk through time, watching as future architecture appears before your eyes and hear what different worlds might sound like. In Millennium Square (Bristol), a place which marks a significant turning point in time, Uninvited Guests and Duncan Speakman collaborated with audiences to imagine possible futures for this public plaza. Billennium Square relies on data transmission between the audiences and a visual artist collaborating from off site.

Talking Tulips

A Heart of London commission, created for Fantasy High Street in collaboration with Cara Jean Flynn. Using an innovative combination of visual arts and trigger sensor technology, we created a series of funny, family-friendly character tulips who talk to passers-by about the history of Leicester Square and greet people in numerous languages. We even have a tulip choir that are just thrilled to sing for you if approach them. Photo Credit © Mark Leeming Photography.